The Complete Genome Sequence of a Gossypol-Degrading Bacterial Strain, Raoultella sp. YL01

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Curr Microbiol. 2023 Apr 4;80(5):163. doi: 10.1007/s00284-023-03204-4.


Cottonseed meal is an important source of plant protein for the meal fodder materials. But its usage in animal breeding industry is limited by a type of toxic phenol, gossypol, that has toxic effects on animal health. Microbial degradation is a promising way to lower down gossypol in cottonseed meal. However, the molecular mechanisms of bio-degradation of gossypol is still unclear. In this study we isolated a gossypol-degrading bacterial strain, YL01, and sequenced its complete genome via Oxford Nanopore sequencing method. There is a chromosome (5,737,005 bp) and a plasmid (136,446 bp) in YL01. 5489 protein coding genes in total were functionally annotated. 16S rRNA analysis showed that YL01 taxonomically belongs to the genus of Raoultella. YL01 is the first published complete genome sequence of microbes capable of gossypol degradation. Gene function annotation showed that 126 protein coding genes may involve in gossypol catabolism. Sequence similarity analysis showed that, as the only gossypol-degrading strain in the genus of Raoultella, YL01 uniquely holds 260 genes that are not possessed by other Raoultella strains. Our work gives a preliminary list for genes responsible for gossypol degradation but further investigations are needed to completely disclose this molecular processes.

PMID:37012483 | DOI:10.1007/s00284-023-03204-4

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