Apotheca MD

ApothecaMD is the web’s free premier medical science based educational source for natural medicine.

Utilized by Integrative Clinicians worldwide since 2021.

ApothecaMD began custom blending for patients nearly twenty years ago utilizing highest quality natural spices, herbs and food ingredients with state of the art medical science. ApothecaMD.com was created in 2021 to openly share medical science behind our blends. ApothecaMD medical science fuels our premium h396 blends using proprietary blending formulas. ApothecaMD’s blending knowledge, skill and network of organic natural ingredients ensure our premium blends have no adulteration, filler nor questionable ingredient. ApothecaMD premium blends ensure strength, quality, and purity.

ApothecaMD cooperates with those sharing our mission of a sustainable future, engaging associated businesses and measuring business success in terms of social, environmental and financial sustainability.

Who would “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease” with natural medicine alongside state of the art medical science?
Why would anyone consider otherwise?

~ Patrick Blanchard, MD
founder of apothecamd.com

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