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Now you too can cultivate your inner ApothecaMD™ Chef

and become a champion of health with latest research combined with culinary delights and pure natural medicine from your own medical hydroponicum.

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Mr ApothecaMD Chef

ApothecaMD began custom blending for Dr. Blanchard’s patients nearly twenty years ago utilizing highest quality natural spices, herbs and food ingredients with state-of-the-art medical science. ApothecaMD.com landed on the internet in 2021 to openly share how ApothecaMD Chefs utilize medical science formulating blends and culinary delights for serious and complex illness afflicting real people. Now you too can nurture your inner ApothecaMD Chef and become a champion of health with serious natural medicine combined with culinary delights.

ApothecaMD dragonflies deliver your goods! They also try their tiny heart best to alleviate suffering using their fragile wings as cooling fans during fevers and have been known to land ever so gently and hold a hand of those in hospice. ApothecaMD dragonflies gather pure organic herbs and fungi growing about ApothecaMD hydroponicums, delivering them to your inner ApothecaMD Chef. Prepared with love and Instruction from prescribing doctors, dragonflies then deliver fresh pure natural medicine with terpenes and lots of great healthy stuff in the package.

ApothecaMD’s blending experience, skill and family farms of organic natural ingredients ensure our premium blends have no adulteration, filler nor questionable ingredient. ApothecaMD premium blends ensure strength, quality, and purity and are designed to support and promote people health and to optimize athlete’s performance such as marathon runners.

ApothecaMD Dragonfly reading the news

ApothecaMD dragonflies also gather medical news hot off the press for clinicians worldwide and post them here in the ApothecaMD reading room.

Modern medicine harm is often discussed in the context of its effects on health care systems, such as escalating costs which do not translate into better health outcomes or how drug and device corporations use aggressive marketing strategies to influence physicians and public towards overuse of costly treatments. Sadly, pursuit of personal health is often misguided in today’s modern medical industry. ApothecaMD dragonflies have been known to bite bad and greedy people prescribing medications known to cause great harm to other people. ApothecaMD takes no responsibility for our dragonflies once they are off the grid, and they have agreed to not bite bad and greedy people.

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Who would ever “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease” with natural medicine ?

Patrick Blanchard, MD FAAFP, founder of ApothecaMD

Getting better is our life’s work

When there’s an emergency or a patient needs acute care, modern medicine’s value is undeniable. That said, chronic health conditions and mental health make up 90% of the United States’ $4.1 trillion in annual healthcare costs, and the medical industry has been known to cause great harm to some people.

The impact of these bad conditions on people’s life could be reduced with integrated plans that focus on root cause.

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